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  • The World's Leading RFID Full Frequency Hardware Solutions Provider
    RFID+ Leader
    Full Range of RFID Tag Chip and Reader Product Line

    About Us

    Shanghai YIGAO HI-TECH Co.Ltd is established in Shanghai with many years of international cooperation experience .Our company is committed to the introduction of international, especially European advanced products such as detectors, aerospace, aviation and railway products and personal protective equipment. Thanks to our Sino-French management background and experience, we have a well-established service organization and relationship network in China and France.Shanghai YIGAO HI-TECH Co.Ltd also provides fast, perfect and high quality professional service for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in China and France.Our Customers: public security, armed police,  emergency rescue ,firefighting ,guards, prisons, marine police, forest emergency,aviation and aerospace unitsThank you for your support and encouragement, we will take this as the driving force, constantly improve and move forward, to provide you with better products and services!...





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